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"I still don't understand what you do." - my mother 



is a copywriter who loves to talk about herself in third person. Originally from MN you will be delighted to hear her say fun words like "beyg" or "oofta" and watch her defiantly wear shorts in 50 degree weather. 

Before landing in the world of copywriting, Page was a PA for documentary films, a creative producer for commercial music, an ADR coordinator, a bartender and phlebotomist. In her spare time she hangs with her dog Larry Bird and writes short stories about AI taking over the world. 

Having trouble saying her last name? Don't worry, it's quite common. In fact, it is currently incorrectly spelled on several government documents but that's something we only worry about during tax season. 


Click here to download my resume.
Scroll down for the TL; DR version of my resume. 

Larry Bird the dog, not the person.

Larry Bird the dog, not the person.


Copywriter @ The Martin Agency
Digital Copywriter @ SapientRazorfish
Copywriter/Creative @ Emergent Order
Copywriter @ Freelance

Brands I've worked with as a copywriter: Samsung, T-Mobile, Facebook, Discover card, Ritz, Oreo, Sabra, Hanes, Dell, Timberland, Batiste, Whole Foods, Webtoons, and Applegate.
I have also done nonprofit writing for TX Innocence Project, Don’t Mess with Texas, and Austin Pets Alive!

Producer @ Tequila Mockingbird
ADR Coordinator @ Chez Boom Audio
Talent Management Intern @ Majestic Theater

Brands I've worked with as a producer: Starbucks, McDonalds, HEB, John Deere, E.L.F, Disney, Paramount, HBO, Gatorade, ABC, Netflix


Larry Bird the person, not the dog.

Larry Bird the person, not the dog.

UW Madison (BA 2010) International Studies
Learned to love team sports, increased my love of cheeses. 

Universitet Utrecht (2009) Immigration Studies.
Completed a thesis on the impact of immigration policy on society.
Learned how to say "I love cheese" in Dutch. 







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